Lastkaj 14 - Pa andra sidan horisonten EP (2004)

Lastkaj 14 es una banda de Trallpunk que nos trae su sonido desde Suecia. Es un proyecto alterno a las reconocida banda Skumdum.
Lastkaj 14 is a collaboration between East and West, old and new and big and small. It is an attempt to maintain the old traditions while creating new constant. Lastkaj 14 mix all these components in a MAELSTROM which you then stir well in. Some of the results you see in front of you, other parts you can hear and feel. What unites them all, however, is passion and the will to never give up!


01. Har Du Hört Det Förut?
02. Cement Och Betong
03. På Andra Sidan Horisonten
04. En Ny Tid
05. Alla Har Planer För Dig


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