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It was in the year 2008 that Kitty and Billy decided to launch the project “Kitty in a Casket” to play Punk Rock influenced by “Billy” and Rock-n-Roll styles. With two more band members, the idea was immediately realized and the first LP titled “Horror Express” was released on Crazy Love Records. This was soon followed up by the EP release “HalloWien.” The “feline plague” spread like wildfire and Kitty in a Casket quickly became everybody’s darling. Beyond the studio recordings, they proved their mettle in live shows across Europe, also playing at major festivals such as WGT 2010 and Back to Future in Germany, Psychobilly Meeting in Spain, Fiesta du Rock in Belgium, Warhead Fest in Poland, Club Sin in Finland among many others.
In the winter of 2009, they joined forces with the excellent standup-bass player, “Slappin’ Suspender” from Germany, and since early 2011, Scott “The Hitman” Noben from Portland, Oregon, has been keeping the beat for KiaC. Together, they are “back to thrill.”
Back to Thrill”
The eagerly anticipated new album will be released on Wolverine Records in June 2011. KiaC is “Back to Thrill” with 13 new tracks that lyrically branch out from classic horror themes to address socio-cultural issues as well. It also includes the band’s very first German-language song, “Blutsauger” (bloodsucker), and contributions from guest artists on a number of tracks: “Shake Your Bones” with vocals and a guitar solo by Rene D la Muerte (“The Brains”), the duet “Caught In A Dream” with Lucas, and other featured artists.
You know what they say about curiosity …

Kitty in a Casket - Back to Thrill
Released - June 2011
Wolverine Records

01. Midnight Thrill-Ride
02. Never Wanted
03. Trash Talkers
04. Monster Highschool Party
05. Dont Get Me Wrong
06. Blutsauger
07. Back To Thrill
08. Run Run
09. Shake Your Bones
10. Prom Song
11. You Will Remember
12. Headshot
13. Caught In A Dream

Kitty in a Casket - Hallowien
Released - 2009
Crazy Love Records

1. Zombie Wannabe
2. Way To Hell
3. Undead Men
4. Goodbye

Kitty in a Casket - Horrorexpress
Released - 2008
Crazy Love Records

01. Intro
02. Horror Express
03. Bride Of The Monster
04. Moonlight Massacre
05. Since You Are Dead
06. Space Invaders
07. My Cannibal Paradise
08. Under Your Bed
09. Bloody Lovesong
10. Under Ghost Towns Moon
11. Nekrophilian Love
12. Sweet Nightmares
13. Slave Of Church

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