La más reciente entrevista de Kitty in A Casket (Abril 2012)

Kitty In A Casket coming all the way from Vienna, Austria have progressed very well over a short period of time! Here is our interview with their singer Kitty Casket.
(Permission from Kitty In A Casket to use photos)
Now I've known you all for awhile now, but for the others reading this, state your names and what you do in the band.
    Hey everybody, we are Kitty in a Casket from Vienna, Austria. That is Kitty on the mic, Billy on the guitar, Slappin Suspender or Tom rockin the (double)bass and Mike on the drums.

When did you get started as a band, how did it happen and how would you describe your style of music?
It actually happend when I(Kitty) and Billy were on the way to my granny. We suddenly came up with the idea to start a band as we both are into music and didn’t have any other projects at the moment. That was when we started writing some tunes and coming up with a band name. A bit later we found us a great bass player and drummer and that’s pretty much it. When it comes to the style of our music it’s kind of difficult, because in my opinion you can’t really give it a name. It’s a sort of a mix out of more different genres. Maybe: „popcorn horror punk a little billy“.

For those who have never heard of your band, what bands would you say you sound similar to?
I don’t like to compare Kitty in a Casket to other bands, that’s what the media is responsible for. ;) Just go to our page on Facebook or spotify or youtube or homepage ( and give it a try. If you like it: *yay* it you dont: ok too. But generally speaking: if you’re into punk or billy music or like horror movies and horror books, there is definitely a chance you like us.

One thing I really like about your band is that you interact with your fan base, which is how we came to know each other and became friends, now what is your favorite thing about interacting with your fans? 
It’s cool to get to know the people who like your music and go to your show. There are so many interesting people out there and I love getting to know them. Also I think it’s really important for fans to relate to the musicians. It gives you the chance to find out more about stuff you wonder about when listening to the tunes and well,… I also enjoy talking to musicians I listen to.

Is there anywhere that you would like to tour in the future, and where has been your favorite place to tour so far?
    Of course: we’d love to tour the US. Until now we never made it there with the band unfortuneately. But we are working together with a US booking agency now and hopefully a tour will come up ASAP. My favourite place to tour is Slovakia, I guess. The crowd there goes really wild and everyone is really nice. But it’s hard to pick a most favourite place, because we had so many great shows all over Europe and it was fun everywhere.

Are there any talks about a new album coming out this year or next? Or is it all hush hush right now?
    Actually we are writing new tunes at the moment. We might release a new album this year, maybe next year, depending on how fast we are. For a start we want to release a split EP with a Japanese band and a short while after that release a full length album.

If someone wanted to pick up some merch or music from you, where could they purchase these at?
    In the USA you can order it on or just download the tunes on itunes.

 Your latest music video is for the song "Don't Get Me Wrong" off your latest album Back to Thrill. What is the music video about?
    Good question. I have absolutely no idea. It’s a bit of this and a bit of that, I guess.

What are some of your musical influences?
    Where should I start??? There are many musical influences, but to name a few: Misfits, Bad Religion, NOFX, Guana Batz, Millencolin, Nekromantix, ….

Were you in any other bands before Kitty in a Casket? Also, how did that name come about, were there any names that almost made it to see the light of day?
    Yes, totally, I think all of us, except for me, were in bands before. Billy for example toured through Mexico with his last band. The bandname question,… kind of hard to tell, we actually just came up with it and we can’t really remember why (that all happened in the infamous car ride to my Granny’s place – it’s a four hour drive so we had a lot of time).

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in getting into the music industry?
    Just do what you like, express yourself and be who you are. Don’t let anyone bring you down or hold you back. Just do it and be absolutely sure it’s exactly what you wanna do. Hardest part is finding people with exactly the same motivation and taste in music. But yeah, be patient, stick with it and work hard.

Do you have anything else to say to your fans, or anyone reading this? Are there any websites you‘d like to promote?
    First of all, thanks for reading all the stuff I wrote. If you like our tunes tell your friends about us! :) If you wanna find out more about KIAC and the band members make sure to visit: or . You can also find our personal profiles there and get in touch with us.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us!
     Sure, anytime. Was a pleasure! Thanks!
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