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I have to say that I almost do not write in English but today I will make an exception because I want this info get the most people as possible.
This is not an original article and I am just doing (or trying to) a translation from a swedish website. If you want to read in Spanish, you can use the translation tool by the right side of the blog.

Article by Mikael Mjörnberg

I remember that I ever, in a text whose other content I long ago forgotten, wrote that melodic punk is a genre where it does not seem possible to innovate. That practitioners only focuses on some of their favorites since the golden years and then add carbon paper on these and thus legacy.

Maybe I am forced to finally see the thesis refuted. At least in part.

I refer, of course, not to Lastkaj 14 pockets and short arms passed and dressed in plojiga pirate clothes on their promotional photo, which in itself is innovative in a genre where the band members seem to have a habit to outfit themselves as if they neither know the inventions to shower or using a washing machine. Without the orchestra actually made an honest attempt to develop the usually narrow minded catchy punk.

This by equipping their music with violin and accordion. It might give a pirate feeling what do I know, but equally I would like to derive the frisky rubbing to compliment some of the songs to the Swedish folk music. Which of course is a most welcome development (or okay, flirt with old Dia Psalma, so much for innovation). It enhances the catchy brew in a surprisingly vital ways.

But aside from that, it is still melodic punk according to the rules that apply (except Gogol Bordello-swinging A friendship that never existed, ending the party) and Lastkaj 14 has always been a quality assured supplier of style. This means high-speed projectiles (Keys and locks), a refined sense of well-melodies (flower without leaves) as choruses (Look at us now and loneliness) and texts that make up a society whose development is not to anyone's satisfaction.

"In a perfect country, everyone would earn 30 fleas month, be debt free and have the house, family and dog. Now it is not so, and because of the common man's inability forced Lastkaj 14 to war again! Someone has to fucking say what is wrong and demand answers, "let the orchestra health.

Where is it anyway nothing new under the sun. Lastkaj 14 are catchy punk uppjagat political banner high and I can exhale.

Everything is safe and homely. From a genre that does not renew itself but really entertains anyway.

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